Scott Sexton

Founder, President, & Chief Operations Officer

Scotty Sexton

Founder and CEO

SGT Scotty Sexton, US Army Ret. served 6 years active duty as a combat engineer where he was deployed once to Iraq and once to Afghanistan. During his deployments, he conducted mounted and dismounted route clearance (driving and walking down a road looking for IED's). It was after being in 4 major explosions and experiencing personal family trauma that he retired from the Army. Like many warriors, Scotty suffers from PTSD, anxiety, depression, and traumatic brain injury (TBI). He has struggled with survivor's guilt and has had thoughts of suicide. With the support of his loving wife, the VA, and other programs he has made it to a place where he can now extend a hand to other warriors that need help in their times of darkness. The Forgotten 22 with a focus on suicide awareness along with The Resiliency Ranch are tools inspired to aid those warriors in need. With the help of the community through donations and volunteers we hope to end Veteran suicide and strengthen the bonds of family.